• Distribution properties

    Gigantic warehouses used by the likes of Amazon and other e-commerce giants.

  • Flex properties

    This type is capable of housing a wide range of uses

An expert in XXL warehouses

Warehouses contain some office space and the largest among them are often served by built-in rail cars.

ROD Logistics is an expert when it comes to these XXL properties: acquisition, valuation, and transfers are among the key services that our team delivers, particularly because planning permission, health & safety, and other regulatory aspects need to be taken into consideration.

Heavy industrial warehouses

These facilities are intended to stock and supply specialized equipment that is typically used to produce goods or materials.

These properties usually have three-phase high capacity and they often include heavy ductwork, pressurized air or water lines, buss ducts, high capacity ventilation and exhaust systems, floor drains, storage tanks and cranes.

Buying and selling

Buying or selling such a property is not the easiest of tasks: proper due diligence and testing may be needed to establish the right valuation, as well as suitable sellers or buyers.

ROD Logistics has vast experience in the heavy industrial space: our team has taken on numerous manufacturing properties in recent years. One key aspect here is the location: heavy industrial properties cannot simply be built anywhere.

Regulation, authorization from local authorities and health and safety considerations are a vital part of the acquisition process.

Cold storage buildings

These specialized industrial properties, which focus on refrigeration, are usually equipped to hold a large capacity of cold storage or freezer space and are typically used as a distribution centre for food products.

Numerous factors play a role when acquiring and running such a property: location, ventilation, power and water supply, a suitable distribution network, and skilled personnel.

Our dedicated global team won’t leave you in the cold when it comes to transferring these properties.

Data centres

These are highly specialized industrial buildings, also referred to as cyber centres, web hosting facilities, or switching centres.

These telecom hubs are usually located close to major communications trunk lines to allow for access to an extremely large and redundant power supply capable of powering extensive computer servers and telecom switching equipment.

They typically have reinforced floor slabs to support the weight of the equipment, as well as backup generators and specialized heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Big players

Big telecom providers and data processors run numerous data centres, such as Amazon, Dell, Apple and many others.

ROD Logistics has teamed up with many key players and has obtained the expertise and insight to successfully execute the sale of a data-heavy property.

Naturally, the profile of the tenant is vital as data protection and privacy regulations play a key part in running the property.

Flex properties

This building type is capable of housing a wide range of uses, typically more than one in a single facility, including office space, research and development, showroom retail sales, light manufacturing research and development, and even small warehouse and distribution uses.

These properties typically feature lower ceilings, under 20 feet, and a higher amount of office space than other industrial property types. To sell, acquire or run these properties successfully, often a detailed strategy is needed, because of the different uses of the building.

Due diligence and pre-letting agreements are recommended.

Light manufacturing buildings

Light manufacturing is increasingly an important part of the thriving logistics space. These buildings do not require complicated or technically advanced machinery or plant.

These properties hang somewhere in between flex buildings and heavier manufacturing spaces. Our team would be happy to discuss this property type in further detail and whether a light manufacturing property would serve your needs.

Research & development properties

Increasingly important for tech companies, high tech players, and certain start-ups that focus on software/hardware, electronics, and biotechnology.

These properties are often part of large flex buildings because they offer a wide range of uses in one location, including office, manufacturing, and warehouse space.

Rapidly evolving

These days, many of these spaces are converted to campus-like business parks with landscaping, shared architecture design, and lots of surface parking and open space.

It may not come as a surprise that permission from local authorities and other regulatory requirements, such as health and safety regulation, should be considered and looked into, partly because of the vast amounts of testing that often takes place in these properties.

Showroom buildings

Showroom buildings combine retail display space with extensive onsite storage and distribution. These buildings typically include up to 50% of space dedicated to sales.

For any questions on how to combine display areas with distribution and storage, please reach out to our dedicated team. Our team would be delighted to discuss this type of property in more detail with you.

Get in touch

A global team of experts provides transactional, industry-specific, and expertise support for practically every company or investor in the global logistics space.

With in-depth knowledge of the special features of the sector and of the opportunities available in the market, ROD Logistics makes it possible for clients – owners, investors, municipalities, and logistics property developers – to maximize the success and profitability of their real estate transactions.

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