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ROD Industrial Logistics

With its in-depth knowledge of the special features of the industrial & logistics sector and the opportunities available in the market, Rodschinson Investment makes it possible for clients – logistics property developers, owners, investors, municipalities – to ensure optimum profitability for their logistics real estate operations and secure feasibility of logistics projects.


ROD Logistics: who we are

Real Estate Development team planning and evaluating the financial feasability of a construction project

Appealing returns

The sector’s main appeal is its return profile, as logistics centres and warehouses have hit record levels of new investments in recent years.

Generally considered the fastest growing sector within commercial real estate, e-commerce and online deliveries are driving the global logistics sector, with fresh equity being pumped into storage units, warehouses and delivery firms on a daily basis.

“Logistics platforms have many functions and are the true foundation of a constantly changing supply chain.”

Brick wall in construction as part of a real estate development project

Unstoppable demand

The lack of available properties, paired with unstoppable demand for warehouse space, has led to a shortage of quality properties across the world, driving up valuations and pricing.

With online sales and e-commerce continue to rise, demand is not expected to slow down anytime soon.
Warehouses, big or small, is therefore currently an extremely appealing investment opportunity.

Particularly around big metropolitan cities, such as London, New York, Hong Kong and Paris, …

Real estate specialist signs a contract

Any type, any size

From XXL warehouses to cross-dock sheds or small depots located in built-up areas, the range of available products is sufficiently diverse to meet the requirements of users at a time when sales channels are growing ever more interconnected.

Challenges include circuit responsiveness, increased productivity, cost rationalization, and new technologies. The comprehensive knowledge of local markets, the anticipation of the transformations of the sector is the guarantee …

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Global team of experts provides transactional, industry-specific and expertise support for practically every company or investor in the global logistics space, which is currently the beating heart of commercial real estate.

With their in-depth knowledge of the special features of the sector and of the opportunities available in the market, ROD Logistics makes it possible for clients – owners, investors, municipalities and logistics property developers – to maximise the success and profitability of their logistics transactions.

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