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Acceptance Credit

A payment method, which undertakes payment of the cost of goods at a certain maturity and in which a policy is the instrument of this payment.

Active Block

Stacking the loads, which are worked on, and on/from which articles put/removed as required.


Locations that are set with physical borders within the logistics facility and entered into the system with an identification number.


During an operation inside the logistics facility, placing the products or transportation units (baskets, parcels, pallets, etc.) physically at an address within the facility and registering them in the system by matching the identification number with the identification number of the location they are placed at.


A passageway in a warehousing area.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)

A storage system on which goods are placed or removed and shipped by taking them from their locations in the warehouse by computer-operated equipment, and in which horizontal- and vertical-moving robots operate on each rack aisle for placing and picking up materials.


Bonded Warehouse

A type of storage in which dutiable goods are kept during customs while being processed for the necessary export transactions.


Cantilever Rack

A rack that has an open front and horizontal carrying wings and is used to stack side by side or on top of each other especially long items such as profiles, pipes, plates, plastics, wood, etc.

Certificate of Origin

An international trading document that shows the origin of the goods in circulation, in other words its place of manufacture, and thus, which country it belongs to.

Combined Transportation

Transportation system, in which roads are used during start and end stages of the shipment, and in which long-distance transportation involves railway, river, channel or seaway shipping.


The name given to all traded goods and products.

Corporate Capital Market

Capital markets groups are units of a company or investment firm that handle financial and banking services for a set of clients or customers.

These corporate divisions may exist within larger financial institutions to help with specific services such as obtaining leases, acquiring other companies, or issuing debt.


Standard metal load cases that are durable against all atmospheric conditions, are used especially in sea transportation-linked combined transportation, can be handled easily with loads that can be stacked on top of each other inside.

Contract Logistics

Logistics operations based on a contract between logistics service providers and customers by using outside resources.

Contract Warehouse

A warehouse at which warehousing operations are conducted on behalf of customer(s) according to a contract.


Dedicated Storage Policy

The policy of storing each product on a place especially dedicated for it.

Distributed Inventory

Having the same material stock in various places.

Distribution Centre

Logistics facilities in which storage, value-added operations, handling, packaging, and shipment operations take place until the time of distribution of products received from supplier.


Echelon Inventory

Stock at a certain stage in the supply chain to meet customer requirements.

Electronic Commerce (E-commerce)

A scheme in which people pay to purchase real or virtual products on certain systems on the internet.

Euro-pallet (EUR-pallet)

In time, European countries have introduced pallet standardisation, establishing specifications such as measure, quality, material type, moisture ratio, the nails used, etc., and they called the pallets that are compliant to these standards as Euro-pallet. Euro-pallet’s standard number is UIC 435-2V. And, its dimensions are 80 cm x 120 cm.


Commerce that occurs when the goods are shipped from the present country into another one.


A network that is built to allow different organisations (customers, suppliers, state institutions, etc.) to use the same software and protocols via the Internet.


Facilities Management

A professional management discipline focused on the efficient and effective delivery of support services for the organisations that it serves.


A type of bonded warehouse where a private company stores duty-paid goods that belong only to the company.

Force Majeure

A contract provision stipulating that parties cannot be held responsible for unexpected situations such as earthquake, flooding, war, etc. that arise outside their control.


Allocation of a transportation vehicle or case to a single receiver.


Goods Received Note (GNR)

A document that authenticates that the relative party has taken over the responsibility of the goods with a signature or stamp upon delivering or receiving them to/from the company, supplier or customer, which offers warehousing, transportation and/or value-added services.



Regional centres where incoming cargo is unloaded and outgoing cargo is loaded, daily temporary storage for cargo is provided, and cargo is transferred between vehicles.



Regional centres where incoming cargo is unloaded and outgoing cargo is loaded, daily temporary storage for cargo is provided, and cargo is transferred between vehicles.


Joint Rate

The price applied from the first transportation point to the other. This is the only agreed-upon and approved tariff between transportation systems.

Just In Time Delivery (JIT) System

The system of shipping and delivering items within the required time and amount from the required location to the required location under required conditions.


Authorisation document that natural and legal persons are required to obtain from the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime and Communication to perform intercity goods road transportation with one or more self-owned vehicles.


For an item that is required on time in manufacturing/supply systems; information, document, signal, and electronic message that provides at the time and amount required.

Labour Analytics

An algorithm-based model that is applied to employee data to provide Return-on-Investment (ROI) evidence for labour-related decisions, as well as gain insight on future labour planning.

Lease Administration

Receiving rents from facilities they own and paying rent for the facilities they lease, and other activities

Location Incentives

Reducing costs associated with company expansions, consolidations, or relocations by securing federal, state, local and other economic development incentives.

Materials Management

Management of all materials in a company by including operations such as coding, requirement planning, stock control, supply, warehousing, etc.

Narrow Aisle Storage Equipment

An equipment used to stack and remove pallets on the shelves by moving along the aisles with guides such as rails, laser beam, and magnetic line in the Narrow Aisle Storage System.

Narrow Aisle Storage System

Shelf systems are used in storage for more effective vertical use of storage volume.

Occupiable Spaces

Suitability/availability for the relevant operation of the locations set for various reasons such as warehousing, handling, vehicle loading/unloading, and value-added services at logistics facilities.

Picking Area

A predetermined place for each item to be used in picking, placing and replenishment operations.

Project Management

The application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters.

Quarantine Stock

The stock that is kept separate from those goods in good condition. This may be due to erogenous documentation, faulty products, or recall of faulty goods.


The area that allows the transportation vehicle case and loading section to be the same height and thus facilitates cargo loading and unloading operations.

Receiving Dock

The area where receiving operations are conducted for the goods that arrive at the warehouse.

Reserved Locations

Special locations such as a cross-docking area that is pre-determined to be used for placing, collection or other purposes.


An automated recognition system, which consists of a microchip with an antenna and a reader; is integrated with a software-hardware system; and for which data communication between the label and reader is provided through radio waves.

Supply Chain

All the operations that encompass supplier-to-customer movements and involve operations regarding organisations, people, technology, and so on. It is a chain that connects a multitude of companies.

Sustainable Warehouse

Areas that can provide services for an extended period by carrying out activities with awareness towards the environment and society.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Expert companies that undertake to carry out customers’ logistics operations, primarily transportation and warehousing.

Unit Train

Allocation of the load onto a whole rolling stock if there is enough load. The load may belong to a single company.


Value Added

A value (labour, depreciation, profit, tax and liability total) or increased/improved value, functionality or benefit that a company adds to its input.


Secure indoor or outdoor area in which products are placed for a certain time according to need.

Yard Management

Facilitating and monitoring compliance with defined processes and rules (traffic flow, use of parking areas, preserving the security chain, etc.) by all vehicles and persons entering the boundaries of the logistics facility.
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